About us

10+years in the market
2countries, where we work

We are proud that more than ten years our professional team is working in the veterinary field. We are a wholesale company distributing veterinary products, complete feeds, feed additives, and veterinary instruments. We consult on animal therapy, feeding issues, and help our customers to find the most appropriate solutions for their farms. We are glad having  long-term, reliable, and globally-known partners. Our team consists of professional veterinarians who give advice to clients on various livestock-rearing issues. Vetimpex is a member of JSC AGRIKA  GROUP, which unites two companies engaged in feed materials and veterinary products trade in Lithuania and Latvia.

Meet us

Always giving benevolent and fair adviсe


Anna Rimoviča Office Administrator

t. +371 63080743
e. vetimpex@vetimpex.lv

Una Grīnberga Marketing manager

t. +371 20215204
e. marketing@vetimpex.lv

Indra Botore Director

t. +37128348317
e. indra.botore@vetimpex.lv

Sales department

Sandra Fjododrova Sales representative - consultant

Specialization: Pets
Region: Latvia

t. +37120290751
e. sandra.fjodorova@vetimpex.lv

Viktorija Ņikonova Specialist in feeding of agricultural animals

Specialization: Agricultural animals
Region: Latvia

t. +371 265 485 65
e. viktorija.nikonova@vetimpex.lv

Gunita Čerezova Sales representative - consultant

Specialization: Pets
Region: Latvia

t. +371 28 348 069
e. gunita.cerezova@vetimpex.lv

Dainis Daude Sales representative - consultant

Specialization: Swine sector; polutry
Region: Latvia

t. +371 28347986
e. dainis.daude@vetimpex.lv

Danute Teilane Sales representative - consultant

Specialization: Livestock
Region: Latvia

t. +371 25617825
e. danute.teilane@vetimpex.lv

Arnita Strankale Sales representative - consultant

Specialization: Livestock
Region: Latgale

t. +37126106409
e. arnita.strankale@vetimpex.lv

Karlis Erglis Key account manager

Specialization: Swine sector
Region: Latvia

t. +37129406338
e. karlis.erglis@vetimpex.lv

Warehouse and logistics

Dita Činka Warehouse manager

t. + 371 26247124
e. noliktava@vetimpex.lv

Maris Spulle Warehouse employee, driver

t. +371 26 314 448
e. noliktava@vetimpex.lv